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The factory deck of the Ford 351M/400 is 10.297" (distance from crank . owner on this job, calculated that a deck height of 10.235" would yield our desired .010" . 302, 351C, 351M and 400M to produce the best performing Ford Cleveland .

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. and 225cc Cleveland cylinder heads on 9.2”deck Cleveland and Windsor blocks, . 3v-ford-manifold-6 3v-ford-manifold-5 3v-ford-manifold-4 3v-ford-manifold-3 185-302-boss-manifold_l . Description, Port, Deck Height, Block, Carb Range .

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The aftermarket has 8.7" for the 302. The 9.2" (Cleveland/Boss), and 9.5" (Windsor) offerings as well, so they are the 351 deck heights.

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The 351W has a taller deck height than the 302. . The 302C is a de-stroked Cleveland, the block is identical to a 351C, but the crank rods and pistons are all .

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Compared to the 351C block, the 400& 39;s deck height is over 1" taller (10.297" vs. . 28 oz-in imbalance on the crankshaft (the same as 302 and 351W engines up to . In fact, the only US market trucks ever equipped with a 351 Cleveland engine .

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These engines were quite compact, with an 8.200" deck height, while the 351 is 9.500" (and later ones 9.480"). . Which was better, the Cleveland or the Windsor, and why? . At first glance, a Windsor looks like a 302 with a wider intake.

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Cleveland, Windsor or Modified? . had room to grow, and soon the lineup expanded to include the 260-, 289- and 302-ci variants. . engineers raised the Windsor& 39;s deck height 1.3 inches, to accommodate a longer stroke.

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I& 39;m aware that the 302 and 351 engines have different deck heights, so by that fact alone, a 351 is going to be wider . 351 Cleveland = 9.5"

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A basic Windsor engine design but with a higher deck height than the 302. Not to be confused with the 351 Cleveland. There are no easily .

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than the 289/302 generally. The 400 cid motor is a higher deck height version of the Cleveland design and the 351M is a destroked version of the 400 ( This is .

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The greater the compression height meaning the longer the piston skirt, which in addition to . Ford Windsor; Cleveland & Boss low deck, 302, 4.00, 3.00, 5.090

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8.2”-9.2”-9.5” Deck Heights. Standard and Big . BOSS Blocks are fully compatible with the original 302 and 351W blocks . as stock 302 stock 351 Cleveland.

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The raised-deck 400 Cleveland, first introduced for model year 1971, was . When the 302C and 351C were introduced in Australia, North American . This is a head-on view of the 400 Cleveland block, which has a 10.987-inch deck height.


DECK HEIGHT. PISTON COMP HT. 1.6L Kent . Height. 302/351W/460 Engine. 302/351W. 271/2" Length ➀. 302. 203/4". Height. 351W. 233/4". Height. 460. 26".


. is designed for use with factory Ford Windsor engine blocks with a 9.500 in. deck height and Cleveland-style cylinder heads (Boss 302/Clevor conversions).

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The 351C was built in Ford& 39;s Cleveland, Ohio factory, and is part of the . It also had a higher deck height to accommodate the longer stroke. . to be the replacement for the 289/302, but government regulations and the oil .

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. piston/head clearance for a 351 cleveland, factory crank, 302 rods, . I would be aiming to get zero deck height or as close as possible to it..it .

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Please be aware that this kit will only work if you are using 351 Cleveland deck height and will not line up correctly if using 302 Windsor deck height.

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The 302 Windsor or the 302 Cleveland ? . than the old 302 chev, as it& 39;s a modern day type of block and it was made to the same as the Windsor deck height.

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In concept, the 351W was an extension of the 289/302 design, though . the 1969 351 Windsor, a tall-deck spinoff of the world-beating 289/302.

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351 Cleveland Applications (factory 9.2 inch deck height). We also supply injector manifolds for Cleveland based engines with factory or aftermarket 2V or 4V .

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The 289 and 302 were produced at Windsor and Cleveland, which can . The tall-deck 400/351M has 351C-2V heads with huge, open 76.9-cc .

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The Ford Small Block is a series of automobile V8 engines built by the Ford Motor Company . Also, a 302 cu in 335-series engine 302 Cleveland was produced by Ford Australia for the Australian market. . The 351 cu in (5.8 L) Windsor featured a 1.3 in (32.5 mm) taller deck height than the 302, allowing a stroke of 3.5 in .

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Same as M-6010-BOSS35195 except at 9.2" deck height . Designed to be compatible with the original 302 and 351W blocks and includes the following .

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What& 39;s the difference between a Cleveland and a Modified engine? Which Ford V8 do I have? Deck Height · Do you have torque specs for my .

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To accommodate this long stroke, a 1.28” block deck height increase was . The Cleveland head design could be easily retrofitted to the 302, .

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Deck height is a vital engine measurement that dictates rod length, crankshaft stroke, piston-to-head . Here, we define deck height, how to measure it, and its effect on your next engine build. . Boss 302 / SVO 8.201 / 8.210.

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Expanded to include the 260, 289, and 302, the engine family has provided power for most of Fords . Cylinder bore spacing is 4.38", the same as the Cleveland family. . Block deck height and piston compression height remained the same.

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The 302& 39;s four inch bore, three inch stroke and 8.2 inch deck height were kept through the small block& 39;s production run. Windsor vs. Cleveland. At .

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Manufacturer: Ford. Category: Engine Blocks. Type: Cleveland V8. Date: 1971. Notes: 351C-4V, 4 inch bore, 2 bolt mains, 9.206 deck heightsbf bbf .

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. small block Windsor V8 family, which also includes the venerable 302 (5.0L) V8. . Key differences from the other Windsor engines include a taller deck height, . The 351C was built in Ford& 39;s Cleveland, Ohio factory, and is part of the Ford .


Since deck height has a direct impact on the engine& 39;s compression ratio, it is important to . "Cleveland two barrel" type heads on a standard 302 or 351W block, .

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Dart SHP Small Block Ford Iron Blocks, SBF, 302, 351C, Cleveland mains. . with an 8.200” (302), 9.200″ (351c) or 9.500” (351w) deck height and a choice of .

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Available with 302 (8.200") deck height or 351 Cleveland (9.500") style. Provisions for OE roller lifters, dog bones and spider. Seven Trustese bores 4.000" or 4.125" .

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The Cleveland port layout and intake bolt hole pattern fit both 2V and 4V heads. Features include 8.2" deck height, Windsor end rails, water neck and distributor .

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This was similar to the changes required to convert a 302 Windsor to the 351 Windsor. As a result, the 335 series has both low 9.206 in (234 mm) and tall deck .

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Using the small chamber 302C cylinder heads properly requires engine design changes (deck clearance, piston design, cam shaft specifications) optimized for .

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Which 302 blocks come with an 8.2" deck height, and which come with an 8.7" deck . 302 2V Cleveland 9.0:1 w/76.2cc Sterling H557P*8

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Titus is also available in custom deck heights by special order. Middle Right: All . Boss 302 and 351C heads to discover . Ford Australia did a 302-ci Cleveland.

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The 400 engine has a longer stroke, and higher cylinder deck. The 351M shares this taller . Cleveland style heads were first used on the 1969 Boss 302. The 351M has the . Deck height, 9.206", 10.297", 10.297", 9.503"*. Rod length, 5.780 .

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Motor, Size, Deck Height, Bore, Stroke, Rod Length, Rod Journal, Rod Width, Max. . Ford Windsor; Cleveland & Boss low deck, 302, 4.00, 3.00, 5.090, 1.616.

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SHP Cast Iron Ford 302W Engine Block with 4-Bolt Steel Caps 4.125" Bore . Available with 302 (8.200") deck height or 351 Cleveland (9.500") style. Provisions .

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The Cleveland port layout and intake bolt hole pattern fit both 2V and 4V heads. Features include 8.2" deck height, Windsor end rails, water neck and distributor .

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And let& 39;s not forget the success of the Cleveland-headed Boss 302 in Trans Am racing. . enthusiasts about an aluminum-headed, tall-deck, stroker Cleveland?

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040 head gasket 9.200 Deck; Standard ring package 1/16 x 1/16 x 3/16 ring package; Seven Trust 8620 .155W wrist pins included; Valve pocket .

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The 351W engine, on the other hand, has a tall deck and a longer pushrod. . These engines use either a prefix “31” (302) or a “35” (351) camshaft, depending on the firing order. . It utilizes a Windsor type block and a Cleveland type head.

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The Boss 302 both revitalized and redefined small block performance at Ford in . Cleveland but was produced with a taller deck height of 10.297" as compared .